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Think Building a Website is Difficult? It may be More Familiar than You Think


Web Hosting? DNS? CMS? SSL? What Does it all Mean?

Buying a website can be a very confusing process! You may have heard your web provider talking about web hosting, website software or Content Management Systems (CMS), website content and design, domain names (DNS) or SSL certificates and each one will often come with its own price tag. It can all get a bit overwhelming and we can understand why.

Here we have broken down a few of the website build steps to really help you understand what each of the sections mean and why they are important. A website build could be compared to the process of building a new home. You may think that the first step of a house build will be deciding on how you would like the design to look and how different areas will function. However, before you have even decided on the design of the house, you will have already decided on where you would like your new home to be situated and you may have also decided on a name, this is all very similar to how a new website will be set up.

Web Hosting

This may not be the first thing you think of when you decide to get a website, however think of web hosting as the plot of land where your house will be built. When your website goes live, you will buy a small area on the internet where your website and all its content will be stored, this is referred to as web hosting. The actual area that the website will be stored is called a web server, the server will allow your website to be visible on the internet and will ensure that all of the content and changes that are made to your website are saved and stored. Most website companies will often offer web hosting services, as they will provide server space for your website so that you don't have to worry about it. The web server will work in conjunction with your CMS system, whether that is WebBoss.io, WordPress or something similar. Just like the plot of land is crucial for building a house, so is web hosting. Web hosting is simply just a way of storing and presenting your website on the internet. Luckily, if you choose WebBoss to design and build your website we will automatically pick you the best plot, so you don't need to worry!

Website Building Software

You may have heard of different website builders such as Wix, Wordpress and Squarespace, well WebBoss Websites uses its very own custom Content Management System (CMS) which is a type of website builder that allows the user easy access to change and manage the content on the website. The website builder is similar to the building materials that you would use to build a house, they provide the framework into which you add your design and content. Similar to building a house there are lots of different components that go together to create a seamless frame. For a house these may be bricks, cement, cables and piping, for websites this consists of various coding languages.


Website Design and Content

Finally we come to website design and content. This is usually the first step you may think of when you decide on buying a new website, especially once you have found the perfect website provider. The design and content can be compared to the interior design of your new house, the wallpaper and paint is your design, the furniture your content. You will probably want your house to look and function in a certain way for example, you may want your kitchen to exist in a particular section of the house and you may want the colour schemes to match throughout. You may also want a bathroom downstairs so that it's more convenient for yourself or for your guests; this will also be reflected in your website's design. Depending on whether the website will be used for business or personal use, you will probably have a vision in your mind of how you would like the website to look and function. Similarly to a house, you will want your website to be easy to navigate and include some practical functionality. You're unlikely to access your kitchen through a cupboard leading from your bathroom, now that would be silly! The same goes for your website, especially if you are a business as it will be crucial that your website is easy to navigate for your users. This is where your designer will be able to guide you when creating your perfect space. Once they have created the perfect space you can start adding your furniture; your website content. When you move house you often take furniture that you know and love with you, your website content is the same. The designer will be able to advise on where to put it, but no one knows your content as well as you, which is why we will normally ask you to provide your text and image content, be this preexisting or brand new! Just like furniture and decoration can make a house a home, content will complete your website so it is worth spending a little bit of time finding the best bits!



Domain Names (DNS)

Finally your house is built and ready for you to move in, but first you need to name it to complete your address. Your domain name can be compared to your house name for your new home, once you have your plot of land where your new house will sit and you have your house built and designed exactly how you would like it, you will want people to be able to find your new location, you will be able to give your house a name and you will be assigned a postcode, area and street address. This is similar to how domains work, once your website is ready to go live you will need to register a chosen domain name, that's assuming that the name is not already registered. Your domain name will usually include your company name followed by a, '.co.uk' or '.com' depending on which country your company is in. This will act like a postcode, people will be able to enter your domain name and then your website will come up. This works similar to when you put a postcode into a sat nav or Google Maps, think of the sat nav like a browser, when you type the name of your business into the browser your website will be visible and people can then come and visit it. WebBoss Websites are able to register a domain name for you, but depending on your website provider, you will usually have to register a domain name yourself through domain name registrars such as, 123Reg.

SSL Certificates

So there you go; your house is built, decorated and named, and you're ready to invite people round for a house-warming party! As extra protection once you are ready to go live with your website, we install an SSL certificate (this is standard on all of our websites), this is like your new installed security system that will ensure that you and your visitors are kept safe.

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Our New Business Information Feature Can Help Improve Your Search Engine Results As you may already know, our sister company WebBoss.io is our proprietary content management system (CMS), that is used to build all of our customer websites and of course our own. Our development team are continually working to improve our CMS, so that we can offer you the most up to date, high quality features that will ensure your online business thrives. So with this in mind, our developers have been busily working on a new feature that could provide a huge positive impact on your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). You may have noticed that when you type in a company name or specific search term into Google, a variety of different search results will appear. A few years back, when you searched for a company or something similar, you only had the choice from a list of webpages that would appeared on the Google search results page. Back then it was incredibly important that your website appeared at the top of the first page, or that was the goal at least. However, now we are provided with a lot of different search options when we conduct a Google search. One of which is a rich result, which goes beyond just bringing up a webpage link on the search results page. This information is far more useful for the user and often includes images, telephone numbers, locations etc. When you are searching for something specific, often the information that you are looking for will be displayed in one of these rich results, making it far easier to find what you are looking for.  You may have also noticed that when you search for a specific company, on the right-hand side of the search results is a box of information, this is called a ‘knowledge panel’. This type of rich result can be hugely beneficial to the user, as they can easily find exactly what they are looking for. Is a Knowledge Panel Important for SEO? Absolutely! A knowledge panel can be hugely important for your visibility on a search results page. If your target audience is searching specifically for your brand name, then you will pretty much dominate the top of the search results page on both mobile and desktop searches, with easy to find information like your phone number, where your business is located and your opening hours. This type of information is going to be very beneficial to you, as your business will be able to stand out from others and make you easy to find. This can help with your SEO, as you are more likely to gain clicks through to your website from your Knowledge panel. How Does Google Find this Information? Google bots love structured data when they crawl a website, this information highlights exactly what the webpage is about, and makes it easier for the search engine to identify relevant data for different search terms. This data is what Google will pull from a website and show in their rich results. The way in which the code is structured, means that each element must be filled out to describe what is on that webpage, for example, a recipe may have a name/title, author, ingredients list, cooking method, etc. All of this information will be pulled by a search engine to feature in the rich results as a rich snippet, again meaning that you as a user can gain all of the information that you require by doing a single search. However, filling this information out on a regular webpage can be a struggle not only for you as the user, but also for the search engine to find all the information that it needs. Our New Feature We have created a ‘Business Information’ feature within our CMS, that will allow our clients to fill out the important information that they want the search engine to see, such as opening times and amenities. Our developers have designed this feature to mimic the structured data that Google and other search engines will be looking for on your website, which will fulfil the rich results shown on the search results page. This will make the information ...

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The Stoneygate Eye Hospital - Website Design Process

Identity and goals: The Stoneygate Eye Hospital, a private eye hospital based in Leicester, is a company that specialises in corrective eye treatments, including laser eye surgery among many other services. It was vital that the high quality work and professionalism of the hospital was reflected in the finished website. With this in mind, the main goals for the website were to provide the user with information about the hospital, the procedures and the surgeons; as well as providing the user with an easy way to book a consultation. Another challenge that would need careful consideration was the fact that the user could potentially be partially sighted and so accessibility options would need to factor into the website's overall design.   The main goals were: ·         To provide necessary information to the customers. ·         To provide users with an easy way to contact the hospital. ·         To showcase the hospital’s professionalism. ·         To have accessibility for visually impaired users.   The Design: When the website design began, I needed to make sure that the website would be readable to the company’s audience, whilst also incorporating all of the brand colours. I chose to use the colours that were very contrasting to each other to create the titles and headings; this would ensure that it would be easier to read for people accessing the website who may be visually impaired. As such, I needed the titles to stand out well from the background and be very descriptive of what the text in the heading would contain. The most used headings took the form of dark grey text contrasting with a white background and then white/yellow text on a grey background to fulfil the contrast.   The Website Build: Accessibility was going to be my main challenge when building the website, ensuring that the hospitals’ clients would be able to access the website was extremely important within this particular website build. The main areas that I needed to focus on were ensuring that everything text-based could be read by screen readers and could also be re-sized. The text would need to be able to become enlarged, in order for it to be easier to read for visually impaired users. There would also need to be the option for users to invert the colours on the website, by doing this it intensifies the contrast between text and background and the darker colour is also not as harsh on sensitive eyes. To add this functionality to the website, the accessibility options that are included within the WebBoss system were used, meaning that users would have the option to change the font sizes to their desired size for their sight ability and invert the colours. Using research into similar websites, most other websites include their accessibility options at the bottom of the homepage, usually in the footer. However, these options would not only be included within the footer, but also at the top of the home page, to make sure they were visible when you first access the website, meaning that all users could easily access these tools.   All the information was laid in a clear and simple format, this was to ensure that users could find the information they were looking for easily and concisely. All the phone numbers that were visible on the website were made clickable, this makes calling the hospital a very straightforward process for the user, allowing them to call the hospital straight from their smartphone, or even send the number to a synced phone from their desktop. Contact forms were also used on the website as an alternative way to easily contact the hospital for a consultation. Call to action buttons were used throughout the website to direct the user to one of these end goals.   After the Website was Finished: After a website is launched, it is always a good idea to make sure that the goals that were originally set out by the company are being reached. To do this, we look at a mix...

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| 28th September 2020 | Blogging

Is it too early to think about Christmas?

Depending who you talk to, September may seem too early to think about Christmas, but as the country heads towards autumn and winter following strict regulations to help control COVID-19, now is the time to make sure that your business is ready for the long winter season ahead. We have already heard reports about how COVID-19 has changed the way customers shop. As the landscape of the high street was already witnessing a rapid change, there are concerns that strict regulations to help reduce the spread of coronavirus could be the death knell of the high street as we know it. Those who depend entirely on a brick and mortar store may have found reduced opening hours and customer number restrictions have forced them into a corner with plummeting profits and the constant threat of redundancy. To these businesses, the message seems to be loud and clear, customers are moving online to shop to stay safe. If you are not already online, then the time is now! For those who have an online presence, they may have found that over the past 6 months they have received more engagement and orders via their website. With this in mind, businesses should begin to consider how they will approach Christmas from behind a screen. While it may seem ludicrous to consider talking about Christmas in September, preparation now could help to ensure that you maintain your customer base over the winter months, while keeping in line with the current restrictions. For many businesses, it is normal to have considered your Christmas stock and how this will be displayed in your shop by this point, complete with Christmas decorations and a Christmas classics CD playing through the stereo and this can really help to instil the Christmas spirit into your customers. Unfortunately this year, it seems likely that shoppers will continue to shun shops in favour of ordering online. To keep your customers willing, your business needs to shine online as well as instore. If you already have your instore plan ready, it may be time to think of your online store and how you can market this to your current customer base. A simple seasonal redesign can be a great way to display your Christmas products over the holidays, and with the WebBoss system, this can be an easy switch back to your original design. If money is tight, you can always use the built-in template tag to add some animated snow to your website completely for free! On top of a redesign, you can even select if you would like your shop products to be purchasable online, or to be displayed as a catalogue to help drive customers to your physical store. You can even offer gift vouchers or discount vouchers to customers if they sign up to a newsletter! You can even still offer your usual gift wrapping service, (to many this is a lifesaver at Christmas), at your pricing or for free! With a range of different delivery options to suit every business, an online shop could provide you with the flexibility to meet all your customer needs, without increasing your workload. Your delivery area can be customised to a few miles around your business, (perfect for greengrocers, butchers and bakers), to the whole of the UK, Europe, or even worldwide. The choice is all yours! We are happy to announce that soon our online shop can even offer a click and collect option for your customers, to make the last-minute rush even easier! Once your customers have signed up for a newsletter you can keep them up to date on your latest products, special opening times, or even secret offers available only to subscribers! WebBoss has a newsletter creator within the system that will allow you to contact your subscribers and is completely GDPR compliant, meaning you have one less thing to worry about in the run-up to the big day. Of course, let's not forget that Christmas is the season of giving, and so if you are a charity, church, or not for profit organisation you can even accept donations via your website. If you already have an online payment...