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Owning a small business is hard work, especially with what is currently going on in the world right now. We understand that a lot of businesses are eagerly wanting to get back on their feet after this roller coaster ride we have all had to endure this year. So to help small businesses weather the current storm, we have added a new product to WebBoss Websites, which will make it even easier for small businesses to get online. It is called Low Cost Ecom and is one of our most affordable website packages, providing you with a whole range of features and benefits to get your small business up and running again; you could even be making sales online within 14 working days of your order. All you need to do is register your interest, choose your theme and then we can begin.

What makes Low Cost Ecom different to other website builders?

That's a good question! Most website builder sites will only offer you basic functionality, but Low Cost Ecom comes with a full online shop with up to 250 products, a contact form, the ability to order online (perfect for table service, collection or delivery!), a newsletter creator, SSL, and is fully Gift Aid compliant! If that's not enough, then the built in GDPR module will help to simplify the collection, storing and deletion of personal data in line with both GDPR and NHS Track and Trace guidelines. As you may have heard, restaurants and pubs are required to collect and store customer data for a period of time for Track and Trace safety measures.

As this is a necessary step in the fight against COVID-19, we have added some features to our Content Management System (CMS) that may aid pubs, restaurants and many other businesses during this time.

Track and Trace

This is undoubtedly one of the most daunting elements for a lot of businesses, with many of them asking the question, 'How are we going to obtain and store data for NHS Track and Trace?' With this in mind, we have added a ‘Track and Trace’ page to our platform, this page has been designed to only show the relevant customer data that will be required for contacting customers in the event that a person has tested positive for Coronavirus after visiting your premises. This information will then be pulled from the eCommerce orders page on your website, and only the relevant data will be displayed.

You will also be able to filter this information by date, so finding the contact information that you will need will be quick and effortless. On top of this, the system will also only choose the orders that were made through the 'restaurant' section on your website, meaning that there will be no confusion as to who had ordered food inside your establishment; as delivery and collection will not be relevant for Track and Trace. You will also have the option of being able to download all of this information as a CSV, making managing this data an absolute doddle.



Table Orders

Your website will offer your customers the opportunity to choose either ‘Delivery’, ‘Collection’ or ‘Restaurant’. The ‘Restaurant’ feature will enable your customers to order food and drinks from their table. This is a simple 4 step process:

1. They choose what they would like to eat from your online menu and click checkout.

2. Then they click to select the ‘Restaurant’ option in the checkout.

3. Next they add their table number. 

4. Finally they pay online and the order is sent straight to you.

Not only is this hugely important for the social distancing rules that are currently in place, but it will also massively reduce the amount of contact made between your staff members and your customers, ensuring that you are all as protected as possible.


Printed Orders

Our system allows you to print orders automatically (this will depend on which email client that you are using). The system can send orders to a specified email address, which you can set up to print in your restaurant, pub etc. So there is no need to keep checking your website for new orders, as these will printed and ready to pass on to the relevant staff members. We hope that this will be a huge help as restaurants become a lot busier, as you will be able to easily manage the orders made through your website.



We really want to ensure that small businesses within the hospitality industry are fully prepared and are as equipped as they can be for when they decide to re-open. We understand that this is going to be quite a stressful time for businesses, so we hope that offering this Low Cost Ecom solution will help the industry get back on it's feet. Contact us for more information.

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