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How to Optimise blog Posts for SEO

Posted by WebBoss Design on 16th December 2019 in blogging | blog,blogseo,seoblog,seo,Howtooptimiseblog,blogoptimisation,blogsforseo
Are you struggling to keep your website’s content updated? Or are you hoping to boost your website’s traffic? A blog can be a great way to do both, as Google will really favour websites that are kept up to date. blogs are also a great way to produce in depth content on a website, which will be favoured by search engines. blogs can also be an ideal way to drive traffic from your social media channels, such as Facebook, back to your website which could potentially improve your ranking.   blogging Checklist for SEO   Here are 4 very easy and simple tips to keep in mind when you are creating blogs.   1. Who are You Creating Your blogs for? Ensuring you...

5 reasons why you should be blogging about your business

Posted by on 5th August 2020 in blogging |
Making time to ensure you have regular blog posts added to your website might seem like another thankless chore in the long list of things you need to do, but do it right and it could open your business up to more visitors, more engagement, and most importantly more customers. Not quite convinced? Here are our top 5 reasons why you should be blogging about your business. 1. It shows your expertise By regularly writing blog posts about your area of business, visitors are able to see that you are genuine and know what you are talking about. This helps to instil trust in your website visitors, which in turn increases the chances that they will turn into customers...

Ian Hodge - Website Design

Posted by WebBoss Design on 20th January 2020 in blogging | websitedesign,websitedesignblog,webdesign
Ian Hodge specialise in ­fieldsports and shooting equipment, they have proudly built the business up over the years and are now the most prominent sporting gun shop in Cornwall. The main website design was a joy to create, as the business already had a clear brand image. It was fun to work with them to create a clean and responsive website that would help to achieve their goals. The most complex task in producing the website was designing and implementing the Gun List page, as this page was originally externally sourced and was presented as a very long and basic list. Not only was this page not mobile friendly, but also displayed a very small font that w...

SEO: A Simple Guide

Posted by WebBoss Design on 3rd February 2020 in blogging | simpleguidetoseo,importanceofseo,seo,whatisseo,seoguide,simpleseo,searchengineresults,searchengineranking,searchengineoptimisation,websiterank,serp,searchengineresultspage,pagespeed,responsive,seoboost,ssl,sslcertificate,keywords,seokeywords,keywordsforseo
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about how visible a website is when using a search engine. Google, Yahoo! and Bing are all popular search engines who will use a series of algorithms to promote the most relevant websites in the search results, when a user is searching for a specific term. A website owner will benefit from being listed on the first page of the search results, as it allows consumers easy access and navigation to a website. SEO is made up of a collection of factors that search engines will take into consideration when they rank your website. How to get your website visible to search engines Keywords Links Secure Website...

Scams and Security: Staying Safe Online

Posted by miki boarer on 8th May 2020 in blogging |
.../news-and-blog/dorset-pcc-news-blog/2020/04/how-to-avoid-the-fraudsters-as-lockdown-becomes-the-new-norm/ ...

Social Media Platforms for Business

Posted by laura db on 24th June 2020 in blogging |
...t such as blogs, infographics, statements etc. then Instagram may not be the best place to share this content. With the introduction of Instagram stories however, this can allow you to be a bit more creative, but overall you are still fairly restricted.  Instagram does not allow you to schedule your posts within the app, this can be a huge disadvantage for a busy business, as scheduling posts makes sure that you target your audience when they are most active, increasing your chances of engagement. External apps such as Buffer or Hootsuite are popular solutions to this problem, and will help you to schedule your posts on Instagram (and a range of other platforms...
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