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Mobile-First Indexing and responsive Web Design

Posted by laura db on 26th May 2020 in Blogging | mobile-firstindexing,googleupdate,responsivewebdesign,mobile-first,google,webdesign,responsivewebsite,responsive,mobileversion,seo,googleupdate2020
...tes has a responsive design and so are fully accessible by any device, not just mobile.     So should I have a responsive website design? Even before this update it was recommended that you have a responsive website, in light of this new update by Google, it would seem that having a responsive website is vital when it comes to SEO. This is due to the fact that your website will have one version for all devices as opposed to having two separate websites, one specifically for mobile and one for desktop. A responsive website design allows the desktop version of your website to be fluid and will minimise in size to fit all different device screen sizes. This en...

Rodor Lettings - Property Management

Posted by WebBoss Design on 4th April 2018 in Portfolio | Property management,Design,responsive,Estate agent,Portfolio
...responsive/Property Management/Design www.rodorlettings.co.uk Our Approach Estate agent websites are used by a large variety of people from all walks of life, but they all have one objective in common, they are there for users to view property. This means the design and build should be accessible and clear with an easy to navigate interface across all devices. With Rodor Lettings we were approached to deliver a responsive and contemporary re-design for their website, with the added functionality to post new properties and search for existing properties on the market. Our main objectives for this project was first and foremost to create a design that was eas...

SEO: A Simple Guide

Posted by WebBoss Design on 3rd February 2020 in Blogging | simpleguidetoseo,importanceofseo,seo,whatisseo,seoguide,simpleseo,searchengineresults,searchengineranking,searchengineoptimisation,websiterank,serp,searchengineresultspage,pagespeed,responsive,seoboost,ssl,sslcertificate,keywords,seokeywords,keywordsforseo
...having a responsive website is more important than ever. Especially as search engines, such as Google, may even penalise websites that are not mobile friendly, resulting in you being pushed down the page in the search results.   Reputation You will know this from running your business; reputation is important. The same can be said for your business when it comes to SEO. How trustworthy you appear as a company can affect your search engine ranking. Simple things like ensuring your website contains pages such as ‘about us’ and ‘contact us’ will show search engines that your company has a history and that you are easy to contact. This not only helps fr...

Ian Hodge - Website Design

Posted by WebBoss Design on 20th January 2020 in Blogging | websitedesign,websitedesignblog,webdesign
...Ian Hodge specialise in ­fieldsports and shooting equipment, they have proudly built the business up over the years and are now the most prominent sporting gun shop in Cornwall. The main website design was a joy to create, as the business already had a clear brand image. It was fun to work with them to create a clean and responsive website that would help to achieve their goals. The most complex task in producing the website was designing and implementing the Gun List page, as this page was originally externally sourced and was presented as a very long and basic list. Not only was this page not mobile friendly, but also displayed a very small font that w...
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