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Think Building a Website is Difficult? It may be More Familiar than You Think

Posted by laura db on 26th March 2020 in Blogging | websitebuild,buildingawebsite,websitedesign,websitedesignandbuild,CMS,SSL,DNS,Domain,SSLcertificate,webhosting,webserver,websitedesignandcontent,websitecontent,webbosswebsites,webboss,websitesoftware,contentmanagementsystem
Web Hosting? DNS? CMS? SSL? What Does it all Mean? Buying a website can be a very confusing process! You may have heard your web provider talking about web hosting, website software or Content Management Systems (CMS), website content and design, domain names (DNS) or SSL certificates and each one will often come with its own price tag. It can all get a bit overwhelming and we can understand why. Here we have broken down a few of the website build steps to really help you understand what each of the sections mean and why they are important. A website build could be compared to the process of building a new home. You may think that the first step of a house b...
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