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What is the difference between web Design and web development?

Posted by on 22nd June 2020 in Blogging |
When you get a new website you may see web Design and web development listed separately on the quote. While they may seem very similar it is important to understand the difference between the two, and why both are vital for the proper working of your website. So what is the difference between web Design and web development? The simple answer is that the Design is purely how the website looks, and development is how the website works and is built. However, in practice it is rarely as simple as this, and the skills of the person creating your website are likely to be wide ranging, especially if your hire a freelancer or a small company. The size of the company is...

Website Design Trends 2021

Posted by laura db on 23rd December 2020 in Blogging |
Top 5 Website Design Trends for 2021   Like most things, trends will come and go and this is no different for web Design. Every year we are very excited to see what new Design trends will be appearing and which ones we can incorporate in our own website Designs. With this in mind, we have listed our top 5 favourite new web Design trends, that we will hopefully be seeing more of in 2021.  1. 3D Design Although this is something that is definitely not new and does reoccur each year, 3D Design seems to be getting more and more intricate as the years go on, making the most of the capabilities of modern technologies. Here we can see technology giant Apple reall...

Website Design Trends for 2020

Posted by laura db on 5th February 2020 in Blogging | websiteDesigntrends,webDesigntrends,webDesigntrends2020,2020trends,websiteDesign,webDesign,webDesignagency
Our Designers' top 5 picks for the hottest website Design trends for 2020! Many website Designs that will be popular in 2020 have been popular for a few years, however there are some new and exciting trends to come for 2020. We have listed our Designers' top 5 trends that could potentially be incorporated within their website Designs this year. Website Design trends can really make a difference when it comes to how your audience are viewing your website, keeping your website Design up to date can give it a fresh new look, keeping your target audience intrigued. Retro Colour Schemes Shadows and Floating Elements Hero Video Headers Outlined Typography Dark M...

Think Building a Website is Difficult? It may be More Familiar than You Think

Posted by laura db on 26th March 2020 in Blogging | websitebuild,buildingawebsite,websiteDesign,websiteDesignandbuild,CMS,SSL,DNS,Domain,SSLcertificate,webhosting,webserver,websiteDesignandcontent,websitecontent,WebBosswebsites,WebBoss,websitesoftware,contentmanagementsystem
Web Hosting? DNS? CMS? SSL? What Does it all Mean? Buying a website can be a very confusing process! You may have heard your web provider talking about web hosting, website software or Content Management Systems (CMS), website content and Design, domain names (DNS) or SSL certificates and each one will often come with its own price tag. It can all get a bit overwhelming and we can understand why. Here we have broken down a few of the website build steps to really help you understand what each of the sections mean and why they are important. A website build could be compared to the process of building a new home. You may think that the first step of a house b...

Rodor Lettings - Property Management

Posted by WebBoss Design on 4th April 2018 in Portfolio | Property management,Design,Responsive,Estate agent,Portfolio
Responsive/Property Management/Design www.rodorlettings.co.uk Our Approach Estate agent websites are used by a large variety of people from all walks of life, but they all have one objective in common, they are there for users to view property. This means the Design and build should be accessible and clear with an easy to navigate interface across all devices. With Rodor Lettings we were approached to deliver a responsive and contemporary re-Design for their website, with the added functionality to post new properties and search for existing properties on the market. Our main objectives for this project was first and foremost to create a Design that was eas...

Serenity Welfare – Website Re-Design

Posted by laura db on 20th March 2020 in Blogging | websiteDesign,websiteDesignblog,webDesignagency,webDesign,serenitywelfare,websiteDesignagency,graphicDesign,WebBosswebsites,WebBoss
  Serenity Welfare work tirelessly to offer comprehensive and bespoke support packages for children and young people experiencing family and community exclusion, while in the care of local authorities in the UK. When Serenity Welfare transferred their existing website over to the WebBoss.io system back in 2018, they decided to keep their original Design. However, as the company grew and developed over the years, they decided that a new Design would better reflect their company's ethos of providing, amongst other things: support, empathy and inspiration. With this in mind, the focus of the Design was to create a friendly and inviting online space, reflect...
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