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Blog Category: Ecommerce (2 posts)

Oli Bird | 11th March 2021 | General Articles
One of the most recently requested features for our eCommerce module was that of multiple and more flexible shipping options. We are pleased to announce that as of version 3.6.6 of the WebBoss system, you can now create multiple and flexible shipping options to cater for all your needs! How does it work? The basic idea of the new shipping options is that you can create multiple different shipping options, all with different configurations, including restrictions. When the user goes through the checkout process, the website will check all the available shipping options you have configured (based off of the shipping address, cart products etc.) and show buttons in the checkout to select which option to use, or if only one is available it will select that one automatically. Stay COVID-19 safe with Click & Collect One of the main new features is to allow collection, or “Click & Collect”, and to be able to create locations for this. If you have a shipping option with the type set to “collection”, then the checkout process will allow to you choose between delivery and collection. When the user chooses collection, instead of entering a shipping address, they will choose a collection location, which can also be displayed on a map. The checkout options if you offer both types   To configure your shipping options in your website admin, from the sidebar navigation, go to Modules > eCommerce > Shop Settings > Postage Settings. The “Default” tab holds some general postage settings, and the basic settings to use if you’re not yet ready to use the new shipping options. The main tab to use here is the “Postage Types” tab. Here you can create new options and click the “Configure” button to change the settings like the restrictions and free conditions. Multiple Postage Types settings   If you’re using the collection option, you will need to create locations for customers to collect from, which can be done under the “...

Phil Mayne | 05th April 2018 | General Articles
Preparing your business for an eCommerce platform can be stressful. With a little preparation and organisation, we can help you get back on track and ahead of schedule. Working alongside our team of designers we have gathered all of the information you need to keep on top of your workload. Organise your products This is something that can benefit all businesses, organising all of your products into a CSV (Comma Separated Value, think spreadsheet) file. If you want to make life easier for you further down the line, it's worth putting the work in now to get this in place. A simple start for your CSV could be to title your products, price your products and write a description. With this in place, you can simply import your products without having to create each individual product. Good image management Preparing product images ahead of time can really help speed the process up and your website will reap the benefits. Make sure that your product images are good quality. Having image sizes less than 250 pixels (at a minimum) could result in a pixelated shop front. Alternatively, having images that are over 1200 pixels wide is overkill and will result in pages that are weighed down with large file sizes. Prepare and label your images descriptively (name of the product or product type are good choices) so that they are ready for when you import your products into your new shop. Choosing the right payment gateway Using WebBoss as an eCommerce platform means that you have the choice of a payment gateway. We have partnerships with companies such as Allied Wallet, Barclaycard, Worldpay and PayPal which all fit seamlessly into the system. You just need to create an account with your gateway of choice. Aim to tackle this early on as accounts can take time to process and set up. A Secure eCommerce solution WebBoss prides itself on its QMS ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified secure platform. We don't rely on third-party plugins for solutions, all of our development is done ...
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